Introducing RichardThe very nature of a creative person makes it difficult to put that person into a box, but the necessary framework of website design, segments product and services into boxes to make it easier for the viewer. To this end, I have divided myself into segments leaving you free to select the ‘box’ you are looking for.

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Abstract artist

Born in London, studied at the Chelsea School of Arts, saturated in the music of the 80s, the foundation of creativity was laid. Strongly influenced by the work of Picasso, Miro, Rothko and Gaudi, my art journey is bedded in abstract. When I paint, I feel, and my clients tell me that they ‘feel’ as well. That is the point of my work.

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Interior/ext designER

Have you noticed in life, that a series of skills acquired over a lifetime often combines to produce a fresh new talent. My interior/exterior design work has been the natural culmination of graphic design, television production, art and spatial design mixed in with a great big dollop of soul. I strongly believe our surroundings impact our lives physically and emotionally.

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brand design

In the early 80s I wanted to study art but let’s be sensible! Can you make a living from art? So I studied design, worked in television, publishing and advertising. Typography is a specialist area of graphic design. It is simply a journey of linear shapes and form within a space, then colour and purpose is introduced. Working with clients to create their own unique brand has been one of the most satisfying challenges in my creative career.